6 Apr

That’s the best way to describe yesterday.  Epic.  Thrilling.  Fantastico!

It started out as an overcast and humid day.  Your typical NYC spring weather (eye roll), but at least it means that winters days are numbered.

The gloomy morning was followed by a nine-hour workday.

Trust me, it does get interesting.  Eventually.  Please bear with me.

Because you see the next thing I did was stood in line for three hours.  Yes, you read that right.  Three full hours.  180 minutes.  10,800 precious seconds that I’ll never get back.

What could be worth this amount of time?  What could be worth lugging my heavy, overloaded purse through the aisles of Borders while chatting to a 40-year-old Italian woman about the Urban Girls picture book found in the Gender Studies section?

Do you really want to know?

Well then, I’ll tell ya.

I got to meet… Jillian Michaels!

That’s right folks, the Jillian Michaels was at the Columbus Circle Borders last night for an epic book signing.  (Okay, I’ll stop using that world.)  See, I told you my day got interesting.

Let me just tell you how remarkably sweet she was.  By the time I saw her, she had been signing for three hours and would most likely be there for another two.  Yet she greeted me with open arms and a warm smile.  And she did the exact same thing for the hundreds of other fans who spent their Tuesday night in Borders.

The signing was held to promote her new book, Unlimited which is a about discovering your unlimited potential and making your dreams a reality.  I’m really looking forward to reading it and will share my thoughts once I’m done!  For more information, check out her site.

Check out my other posts about Jillian Michaels here and here!

Have you ever met a celebrity that you admire?


One Response to “Epic.”

  1. Christina April 6, 2011 at 9:33 pm #

    How cool is that! I have never met a celebrity before…but she would be a great one to meet! 🙂

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