Eat on Repeat

28 Apr

Do you ever find yourself eating the same thing over and over and over again?  I certainly do.  I’m a creature of habit, I know what’s good for me and I know what I like.  And during the week?  Forget about it.  I settle right into my delicious, healthy comfort zone each and every day.

For example, this mornings breakfast included the following components:

  • 6oz Fage 0% Total greek yogurt
  • 1/2 cup Kashi GoLean cereal
  • a sprinkle of cookies and cream granola
  • a spoonful of homemade peanut butter

Sound familiar?

The next meal might shock you though.  It contained lots of veggies, some hummus, and a slice or two of provolone but it wasn’t a salad.  Shocking, I know.

Today I ordered the “Eat your Greens” sandwich from Toasties.  Let’s see what it’s got:

  • Multigrain bread
  • A dallop of hummus
  • Two slices of provolone cheese
  • Veggies galore; cabbage, romaine lettuce, avocado, carrots, sprouts, tomato, and sweet peppers
  • A little bit of honey mustard

I love this sandwich!  It has so many textures and flavors going on.  And it keeps me full for a long while 🙂

Shortly after I finished lunch, I looked out my office window to see dark clouds rolling in.

Can you believe the difference in the sky from the first picture to the second?  Rather ominous, no?  Shortly after I took these pictures, it began to pour and didn’t let up for a while.  It’s certainly been a wet April!

In the afternoon, I was back to my old habits.  My snack included a bag of mixed nuts, dried apricots, and crystallized ginger along with an unpictured pear.  Now that’s something new (and rather exciting, if I do say so myself).

By the time I made it home, the rain had stopped and I had a chance to go for a run.  It was the first time I ran outside in months and I managed to cover about four miles.  It was fun!

After my run, I came home to refuel while watching Community.  On tonight’s menu was leftover tacos.  Good eats 🙂

Now I’m munching on some red grapes and getting ready for Michael’s last episode of The Office!  Enjoy the rest of your Thursday night!

Do you find that you tend to eat the same thing over and over again?

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