A little bit ’bout the blog

A Voracious Appetite is my opportunity to share my interests and explore new ones.   This a not a strictly food blog nor exclusively a healthy living blog (just in case all the posts about chocolate and wine didn’t make that obvious enough, haha).

To be honest, right now I’m still trying to decide what direction to take this site.  Ideally, my plan is to write posts that focus on my favorite creative outlets; cooking and baking, exploring the city, drawing and painting, and fitness.  I’d also like to further develop my photography and writing skills (both of which are limited!).  So perhaps this is a creativity exploration blog?  Or, better yet, perhaps it cannot be defined.

At any rate, I’ve found that I’m incredibly inspired by reading blogs.  And I expect to be inspired even more so through writing my own.  In a way, this will become my journal.  It’ll be a great resource for my recipes, artistic endeavors, and city explorations.  It’ll be a chance for me to express my voracious appetite for life.

A little bit ’bout me

My name is Michelle and I’m 27 years old.  I’m currently living and working in Manhattan (and loving it!).  I’m lucky enough to live with my fiancée, Alex.

I made my big move to the city almost six years ago, right after graduating from college.  It was one of the best decisions I ever made!  I’m a quintessential city girl and love spending my time exploring New York.

Please come back to this page as it’s currently a work in process.

Thanks for reading!


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